CNN: Watch High-Speed Trading In Action

A clip from CNN on Citadel. Retail traders should be aware of what these guys do.

For years, I have told my members that the stock market nowadays is not the one before year 2000. Back then it was a game without that many mega size hedge funds and bots. Now, we are mainly playing in a eco system with bots driving the flow. There is nothing to be fearful of them though. Bots in aggregation are stupid, predictable and very easy to beat.

Tony Robbins: How To Reinvent Yourself After 50

One question I often get from people is whether they can make it as a day trader as they are at their 50s. They think day trading is a young people’s game. Well, Tony Robbins has a good answer to that.

Trading is no longer a young persons’ game. It is not. Electronic trading has transformed the game. It is much more about having a good plan and keeping your head above you than ever.