Jordan Peterson: Having a Framework for Life, Man-Child Pandemic and be the Most Dangerous You

This is part of a lecture from Jordan Peterson. I do not want to cut the video short because I do not want to affect the context of his lecture in anyway that distorts his original meanings.

Jordan Peterson is a professor clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

Some highlights of the topics covered:

0:27:30 patterns and actions
0:32:00 mapping of patterns and automation
0:38:50 basic motivations and transformation
1:15:00 perception of present and future
1:23:00 why a framework is important in everything
1:29:00 importance of sense of meaning, how to handle anomaly
1:45:00 ethical abstraction, balanced life
1:53:30 summary of the lecture
2:05:00 Peter Pan story, the man-child pandemic ***
2:11:50 modern problem for young adults, how to be dangerous

One thing separates Dr. Peterson from gurus like Simon Sinek is that Dr. Peterson tells the truth while the others tell what people want to hear.

Warning: His point of view is very hard to accept for people who has (semi) Marxist beliefs.

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