Kevin Slavin: Market Trading Systems Need To Be Rebuilt For Humans

The problem Kevin Slavin described here is very real. Humans are indeed getting clueless on how these bot driven markets are doing.

His suggestions, interestingly, is exactly what I am trying to accomplish with the development of the Real-Time Trading Assistant, a tool I have created to deliver meanings and context about the markets in a way human can understand.

I think I am on the right path in combining human intelligence and data driven inference information into something easier to use for human traders in real-time. As a minimum, it is much more practical than using tons of trading indicators. Too much information, or information overload, is often the main reason why traders are having a hard time in making the right trading decisions.

CNN: Watch High-Speed Trading In Action

A clip from CNN on Citadel. Retail traders should be aware of what these guys do.

For years, I have told my members that the stock market nowadays is not the one before year 2000. Back then it was a game without that many mega size hedge funds and bots. Now, we are mainly playing in a eco system with bots driving the flow. There is nothing to be fearful of them though. Bots in aggregation are stupid, predictable and very easy to beat.

Amnon Bar-Lev: Computer Hacking Mature Industry

Amnon Bar-Lev, president of Check Point Software, talking about the cyber hacking activities.

Note: The player for this video requires java. Don’t know why Bloomberg chooses to do something like this.

The bottom line:

1. Protect your computers and your data wisely

2. Do not believe your data on the cloud will be safe at all