Kevin Slavin: Market Trading Systems Need To Be Rebuilt For Humans

The problem Kevin Slavin described here is very real. Humans are indeed getting clueless on how these bot driven markets are doing.

His suggestions, interestingly, is exactly what I am trying to accomplish with the development of the Real-Time Trading Assistant, a tool I have created to deliver meanings and context about the markets in a way human can understand.

I think I am on the right path in combining human intelligence and data driven inference information into something easier to use for human traders in real-time. As a minimum, it is much more practical than using tons of trading indicators. Too much information, or information overload, is often the main reason why traders are having a hard time in making the right trading decisions.

2 Replies to “Kevin Slavin: Market Trading Systems Need To Be Rebuilt For Humans”

  1. I still look forward to this real-time assistant coming to Hang Seng and H-shares 😀 It would be unique to offer something like this for markets other than just the US markets.

    1. Working on other markets? Yes.

      1. need 2nd set of servers to power real-time signals to different time zones.
      2. seriously want to post the daily results from the signals too and that takes a strong web server
      3. me put in more hours XD

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