Alex Honnold: How I climbed a 3,000-foot vertical cliff — without ropes

Alex Honnold is a famous professional rock climber who has been featured in documentaries and even participated in medical researches. Watch this video and think about what it means to free-solo rock climbing and how that compares to day trading and trading in general.

Many aspiring traders I have worked with assumed too much with what they know “in general” and lack the focus in developing the necessary details in the process / techniques they use in handling their trades. This is often where a trader stuck at in terms of being a consistent performer vs. lucky getting-by trader.

This video is a great inspiration for traders. It gives you an idea what to aim for exactly.

Brian Rose: My Wolf of Wall Street

A short video from the YouTube channel London Real.

In this video, Brian Rose talks about his past working at the financial centre in Europe. It may not be the kind of educational information you are looking for. But, it gives you an idea about the institution side of the game for which majority of retail traders never really understand.