All About Technical Analysis: The Easy Way to Get Started by Constance Brown


This book is written with retail traders in mind who has no prior exposure to technical analysis or charting in general. Not a book teaching straightly technical methods. Also not a book teaching a complete methodology. It is a nice guided tour of trading by a professional trader who knows her stuff well. Well written with interesting tales to keep the readers stay focus. A good read but not as good as the other book written by the same author for professional traders, Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional.

Book Information

All About Technical Analysis: The Easy Way to Get Started
Written by Constance Brown




The book is a mosiac of basic trading knowledge, background knowledge on various markets, basic technical analysis introduction, and story telling. It is written with stories related to trading that will keep someone who has no prior trading experience interested so that they will be willing to complete the parts that are dry and less interesting.

I have given this book to my tech staff and some friends who like to learn the basics about trading. They all enjoy the book. But something is missing. In this Internet age, where we can find basic trading information everywhere, the materials provided in the book is a bit thin. It feels like the more useful topics are touched but not fully covered.

It is a book written for retail traders and it is very well written. I enjoy reading it myself. I am probably asking too much from an introductory book to cover more details on technical analysis.

Ms. Brown has written several books on trading. The ones written for professional traders are great trading reference. I will write reviews on those books separately.

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