Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb


A disappointment for fans of the other books from Mr. Taleb. I am a fan of Mr. Taleb but this book comes short of the expectation that we would have a theory or construct that it can be applied in our daily struggle with trading (or other line of work).

Book Information

Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder
Written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb




First part of the book focuses on labelling or defining the idea of antifragility. Examples are given in various forms to convey the idea that antifragile systems (like the human body) already exists while collective activities in human society are often fragile for various reasons.

Second part of the book is a simple extension of the idea presented in the first part and trying to make fun out of the establishment. He has done that in Fooled by Randomness. He has done the same again in Black Swan. And again, in a different style, he is doing the same thing again.

Third part of the book tries to offer a solution or two on how to become antifragile individually. The author sort of contradicts himself here from what he suggested in the first part of the book that it is preferred to have the population being fragile and that it is a bad thing for individuals to be antifragile. What he offered here, however, is just repackaging of his opinions stated in his other books.

As a summary, no big surprises in the way the book is written as jabbing the economists and alike is what Mr. Taleb likes to do. What is lacking from the book, however, is a coherent delivery of the big idea behind the title. Although I enjoy the sarcrasm, I am disappointed with the lack of substance in this book.

I would enjoy this book much better if I were expecting a book in general business reading.

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