Arianna Huffington: How To Succeed? Get More Sleep

Not really a trading related video, just a reminder that you cannot be productive if you do not have enough sleep.

One point I have to make though – it is possible to sleep just a little and still have enough sleep.

It is well known that if you have rigorous exercise regularly you can sleep less.

It is also well known that people who meditate often can go on days without sleep and still keep a very sharp mind like those people who exercise a lot.

The reason I am including this video here is to remind traders that it is not a good idea to exhaust yourself just because you wanted to find the edge you want so badly that you spend many sleepless nights doing research and/or monitoring the markets. Sometimes it is better to step back and look at the whole issue from a different angle. You will grow into a better trader by simply not doing the things you find not working.


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