Cal Newport: So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Mr. Newport’s Talk at Google on his book So Good They Can’t Ignore You.

This talk is approximately 40 minutes.

To sum it up, he is exploring the fact that Follow Your Passion is bad advice.

What Mr. Newport says is true.

In a limited sense, Sir Ken Robinson’s talk "The Element" actually agrees with this talk although Sir Robinson’s take is that you should follow your passion.

Sounds contradictory isn’t it?

The key to both talks is that we do not really know what our passions really are. The phrase follow your passion is over used to the point I would say quite abusively everywhere. It is being used as an excuse to not craft your skills first.

This talk is a great one for all traders. Good at trading is just an end result of a set of skills you have developed. It can be your passion to solve puzzles in real-time leading you to become a great chart reader. It can be your research and development skill in creating good trading models.

It is a discovery process that we traders all have to go through to make trading works for us.


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