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A professionally implemented application for secure file removal on Windows. It is fully integrated with Windows and has all the features one would look for from such utility. You cannot beat the value of this software because it is free. Highly recommended for all traders who store sensitive data on their computers.

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Eraser serves only one purpose – to erase files on your computer so that they are no longer accessible by others. In case you do not know about this yet, dropping your files into the garbage bin does not erase those files at all. Your deleted files can be retrieved easily if you drag the file back out from the garbage bin or with the help of a simple file retrieval application. Eraser can be used to make sure those files are no longer accessible by overwriting the content with other things so that those files cannot be restored.

Installation of Eraser is as simple as any other well written utility programs. Once it is installed, the default setting would give you extra options with the garbage bin to erase the files in addition to the regular options. Hence, your normal workflow can stay the same. The only difference is that you can choose to erase the files in the garbage bin when you know those files contain sensitive data that you want to make sure they cannot be accessed by others.

If you are comfortable with making changes to utility programs, you can choose to change the way Eraser operates easily with its option window. You can choose from a variety of secure deletion methods. You can even choose to delete files by disguising those files with certain type of premade documents (e.g. Microsoft Word files, Excel files) in case you know your hard drive will likely be examined by others.

Just think of Eraser like your paper shredder. It is needed because we know, unluckily, people do peek into others documents to savage sensitive information. When we dispose of our computer or the hard drive, most of the time we do not think of fully wiping out the content. This gives the data robbers a chance to strike and loot your sensitive personal information from your hard drive. Routinely erasing the sensitive files can make the disposal process much easier and more secure as all you need to do is erasing the remaining active data files.

Eraser is free. One cannot beat the value of that when the application also function perfectly. I highly recommend this to all traders with sensitive data stored on their computers.

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  1. I pretty much always do a shift-delete and bypass the garbage can – does this utility still work if I do that?

    With kind regards,

  2. Righto Lawrence, thank you for the reply. Looks a neat tool and it includes my favourite 4 letter word starting with F.

    F R E E

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