HBR’s 10 Must Reads Boxed Set (6 Books)


Must read for all independent traders who like to grow their trading business.

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Harvard Business Review’s 10 Must Reads Boxed Set (6 Books)




This is a collection of printed articles and short booklets from the Harvard Business Review journals going all the way back. The articles cover a wide range of topics related to business management and challenges associated with that. I review this here because majority of retail traders come from non-business background. Therefore, there is a huge gap in their knowledge domain related to running a business or managing people, including themselves.

The articles are pretty easy to read. Some of the concepts presented are now mainstream in business management studies. So some people may find that the ideas sound generic to them.

For traders, the usefulness of these articles mainly relates to the thought process of managing human resources, ways to analysis the business models objectively and frameworks to grow a business. The techniques presented throughout the book are practical guidelines. By making ourselves aware of these concepts in business management, it helps us to think with a structure or framework to grow our trading business in healthier ways.

It takes time to absorb ideas of this kind. Especially when you are new to the idea of business management, it may sound like a foreign language to you. Hence the goal is not to read every article quickly. Instead, read the more important ones first, like the classic Managing Oneself, and reflect on the concepts to see if something can be applied immediately to your need. This way you can get most benefits from the book.

We traders are our own boss. We run our own businesses. Thus, learning something about business management is important. This collection of articles is a must read.

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