I Can Never Understand The Central Bankers

iStock_000005751337XSmallI am puzzled by the latest round of statements from the central banks. If these words were coming from a trader or a financial analyst, it is expected. When such statements come from central bankers, it is disturbing.

Like Some People To Act Stupid

The central bankers around the world mentioned many times over the past few months that they like to see the market participants to be more cautious, more fearful while the stock market has been roaring to new high after new high.

What do they mean by "like to see …. more cautious and more fearful"?

Are they saying that they like to see some people (obviously not everyone) to be bearish and somehow not participate in the big bull market while the others profit from it handsomely?

Isn’t that discrimination against a specific group of people within their countries?

Isn’t discrimination a crime in these countries?

Are the central bankers doing something now to make sure some people will act stupidly so that they can get a market that is more cautious?

Discriminatory Intend

These central bankers use money provided by their countries to support the stock markets from time to time has caused significant financial losses for a specific class of citizens, namely, the speculators who refused to believe their stock markets are being manipulated by their governments.

By similar logic, isn’t it discrimination against these speculators in favour of another group of citizens in these countries?

Any government officials doing something even remotely close to such level of discrimination would have their political career terminated for good.

Yet, central bankers can keep doing what they are doing with no consequence.

Qualification Matters

When we are sick we pay our doctor a visit.

When a developer needs to build a building he hires architects and engineers to make sure the building will be safe and sound.

In our society we hire professionals with proper training and scientific background to ensure the serious matters are taken care of properly.

Well, maybe there is an exception.

When a country is managing its monetary policies, they hire economists.


Sometimes, there are things I just do not understand.

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  1. In economics, hope and faith coexist with great scientific pretension and also a deep desire for respectability.

    Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists.

    John Kenneth Galbraith

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