I Have a Strategy (No You Don’t): The Illustrated Guide to Strategy by Howell J Malham Jr


This is a short book taking on the word strategy with humour. I have seen so many books written on the topic of trading strategies with huge diversity in their content that I cannot help but wonder what the word strategy really means. It is a fun read for those who question the very concept of stragegy. Thus this book is going to disappoint those who look for table pounding, out of breath shouting materials on what strategy should be.

Book Information

I Have a Strategy (No You Don’t): The Illustrated Guide to Strategy
Written by Howell J Malham Jr




Franking I do not expect the book is about the word strategy itself. The title played a mind trick on me. I thought I was getting a book on the topic strategy. In a bit of a shock, I read the book twice in a row because it is a really short book. And it is fun to read.

The word strategy is facinating. To different people it means something drastically different. There is no real common ground to discuss strategy when you cannot even agree on what the word really means. The book looks at the meaning of the word from various angles. It is a great little book that can be used to spark conversation in parties and meetings.

Hence also the slight disappointment in me because I was expecting something completely different. As someone who work with trading strategies all the time, I am pretty obsessed with the topic on strategies. Nope, there is no guideline on how to create a strategy in the book. There is no reference type materials on the word strategy either. So be warned.

Nice read. Very nice cover that contributed to my impulse buying from walking in the bookstore (a dangerous place for book addicts like me). Should you browse around in a bookstore, check it out to see if it can brighten your day like what it did to me.

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