Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers by Jim Rogers


Good travel book with many interesting stories. The unique blending of Jim Rogers’ opinion about each country from the investment angle adds substance to the stories. An overall good read.

Book Information

Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers
Written by Jim Rogers




Jim Rogers is the only person nowadays with official track record of going around the world, twice. This book documents his first trip made 20 years ago. Unlike other travel books, his perspective is very interesting because he is also one of the most famous investors of our time.

First, you have to understand that he has a plan. The whole trip was planned ahead of time. He knows where he is heading and what he would like to see. He is looking for answers from his trip, not just sightseeing. He has a goal in mind. Thus the book is interlaced with his investment perspectives on many of the countries he has travelled through.

Second, this book is a travel book so do not expect to find tons of investment ideas or principles. The adventure itself is worthwhile to read already. Adding that his girlfriend has the guts to travel with him through all these well-known risky region around the globe, isn’t that good elements for any storybook?

I am writing this review because this book paints a world very different from the one we have right now. Knowing what happened back then may help you understand how we get to this point and figure out what may happen in the future. Overall, it is a good read.

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