Julia Galef: Look at a Problem as an Outsider

Another way in looking at Ms. Galef’s other video on The Sunk Costs Fallacy.

Being a trader, if you find that you are failing to make money in trading, or that you could not improve your performance further. You need to take a step back and really evaluate yourself as an observer or an outsider.

Sometimes there is only so much you can do to improve on a trading method that has limited potential.

Think of what you have missed during the day.

Have you written down any notes about them yet?

Do you notice that some of them recurring yet you are not comfortable in trading them?

Why you are not comfortable?

Can you make yourself comfortable by trading them with sim trading or confirm your gut feeling or observations with backtesting?

Think outside of what you think you know at this point.

There is always room for improvement in our lives.


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