Kindle 6″ Paperwhite e-Reader (and its product family)


Easy to use, lightweight, long battery life, and most important of all, easy for our eyes when we spend many hours reading. Large capacity making it possible to carry a large number of books. Best portable e-reader at its price point.

Product Information

Kindle 6″ Paperwhite e-Reader
Built-in Wi-Fi
Holds upto 1,100 books
8-week battery life with backlight on


Ease of Use


I have been using this e-reader for a long time. It is easy to use with all essential functions. I prefer using this over reading normal paper books now but the conversion has been a slow process. In the beginning I feel arkward reading with the device. But then the convenience slowly taking over and as I have loaded it up with more books over time, it becomes one of my favourite tech gadget to carry around all the time.

The best part of this e-reader comparing to reading a paper book is its weight. Once you started reading something for a long time, you would suddenly notice you no longer have that tired wrist with the paper book. It is also much more convenient to read with the Kindle in the dark or on the bed as you do not need to keep your lights on.

When I am not using it, I let my kids use it to read classics and children books. Many of them are available free from Kindle store and other websites.

I also have the Kindle Fire 7″ but it has all these other purposes making that somewhat different. I still prefer this paperwhite version of Kindle when I am reading ebooks although there are times you would want to read in color because some ebooks are created with color in mind.

Most of my book purchases last year are electronic version of the books. I guess I am one of those people who finally made the transition.

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