Lenovo ThinkVision 14 Inch Widescreen LED Monitor


The last portable LCD display I purchased. I was lured by its lighter weight in comparison to the other two I already have. It is a good display in terms of brightness and power consumption from my laptops. But it cannot do portrait mode that I like to put my DOMs on for order entry. If you do not need portrait mode display, it is better than the other ones I got.

Product Information

Lenovo ThinkVision 14 Inch Widescreen LED Monitor
Made by Lenovo

Resolution 1366×768
Weight 1.8 pounds
Dimension 15 x 10 x 2.5 inches


Ease of Use


Comparing to the AOC one and the Toshiba one, this display is bright and sharp. Easy to install. No difficulty in setting it up and running in under 5 minutes on my newer laptop. I got mine from Lenovo directly when I was far away from home without my other portable screens and was facing the weaknesses of online shopping urge again.

The screen is the lightest and smallest among the 3 portable displays. Definitely the best choice for a road warrior comparing to the other 2 choices (AOC and Toshiba). But it cannot do portrait mode which is the reason why I need a 2nd screen for my laptop.

So I do not use this portable display much myself after I bought it. I chose not to return the item because it is a very good display indeed. I ended up giving this display to a friend of mine who travel a lot more than I do.

It is the most expensive portable display out of the three ones I purchased. It is the lightest with best display in comparison. If it ever comes out with a driver to display in portrait mode, I may end up buying another one.

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