Mark Boyle: The Moneyless Man

This video is not one of those directly related to trading. Instead, it is a thought provoking video about our world and the current economic model.

As more people take the stand like Mark Boyle, a reasonable country would response by cutting down its spending and stop wasting because tax income from these people will never come back.

Yet we know the governments we have nowadays would instead spend more to see if they can stimulate the economy. Some may even take the extreme measures to suppress these movements by force. It is something very bad. All our governments should never try but they already started.

This moneyless movement is no difference from the Bitcoins movement in the eyes of the ruling class. Both refuse to follow the rules set out by the governments. Both can have profound effects in constraining the power of the governments. Both are dangerous ideas.

The worldwide financial landscape is changing rapidly as more people thinking about solutions to terminate the stronghold of the banksters. It does not matter that the governments are not doing their jobs to hold the bankers accountable. It will take only one idea to break the current financial system worldwide and force a complete reset of the world order.


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