Mark Mattson: Why Fasting Bolsters Brain Power

Another useful thing one can do to improve your brain function. Traders who need to improve their game will find the ideas from this video more practical and effective than many other things.

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    1. It is very interesting read.

      I practice the classic full moon / new moon fasting ever since I was a kid (family ties). One thing I notice is that right after the fasting period over the next few days I am usually more productive. Never pay attention to the weight issue.

      The traditional fasting requires one to stop eating for at least 1 full day (+/- 12 hours) from the exact full moon / new moon time. Water drinking is allowed. Mild sicknesses should not stop one from the practice.

      Talking about it now, I realize if I am sick during fasting, I recover quite quickly right after.

      Maybe I should start doing it every week instead.

  1. I am reporting back on adjusting to a 12 hour window eating and what happened.

    1. same level of exercise (really not that much, will take me a while to get back on track) but weight loss sped up quite significantly

    I am not intentionally trying to lose weight as I am more interested in gaining back overall fitness. so when I feel that I am lighter and confirmed by measuring it, it is significant

    2. actually pushing 10 hour window for eating works even better

    at 12 hour window, it took like 2 to 3 days to get used to so pretty easy to do. it promotes a level of alertness in the evening that feels pretty good

    so pushing it down to 10 hours, it feels even better and the hungry rhythm no longer that strong as if the body has adopted to function in a different way. it feels like the body is more willing to process food any time as oppose to habitual need at regular intervals.

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