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Trader training courses designed to help traders to deal with their mental blocks in order to improve their trading no matter what markets they are dealing with. Coming from a successful trader with many years of solid performance under his belt who has trained many professional traders over the years, this company is well worth the buzz. I highly recommend these courses to all traders who want to improve their performance.

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Mind Muscles Academy Trading Courses
from Mind Muscles Academy

The Mind Muscles for Traders “Explorer” Program
$897 One-time Fee




Mind Muscles Academy Trading Courses is not your typical trading courses offering you trading setups or trading signals. Instead, it is a service designed to correct a trader’s mental reaction in various aspect of trading with the goal to improve the trading results. Its approach is to help you understand your psychological barriers and teach you practical methods to overcome these barriers.

Helping traders through neuro programming is not something new. What makes the difference is that the founder of the service Rich Friesen is a successful trader himself who has trained many traders. The unique insights into trader specific issues making the design of the courses having the right focus and result oriented.

One thing worth mentioning is that to correct the behaviour in any repetitive tasks, the awareness of your own actions and emotions is key. Yet, during trading, there are not that many people who can stay detached from their own emotions for long. Thus, the concept of playing training games to reinforce the change in behaviour is a great idea because you will be able to carry the calmness and objectivity into your trading.

I have written a lot about the importance of detaching your emotions from trading and how keeping your mind in a balanced state can do wonders to your trading performance. Yet, I am not a psychologist or someone who has expertise in designing neuro programming techniques. I find the materials provided by the Mind Muscles Academy address the trading issues correctly without stuffing unnecessary thoughts into the trainees. That is a rare quality among the courses out there focusing on behavioral change.

If you find that your trading performance needs some fine-tuning, maybe the problem is not related to the trading method at all. It is a good idea to give the Explorer course a try. The course was in beta run for some time already. It is now officially available. The price point of the course is actually on the low side comparing to the other trader psychology courses. For beginners with a tight budget it is still quite expensive though hence I have to reduce the rating a bit.

There are free lessons provided to give people a sense of what the course is about. Even if you are not ready for a course on training your mind, it won’t hurt to just follow the link and sign up for the free stuff. At least you get to see them yourself and have an idea what mental training is.

I highly recommend this service to all traders.

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