Only Man-made Roads are Straight and Smooth

Ever observe a tree in detail?
From afar, a tree may look tall and sturdy. That is just our impression of the tree. By looking at a tree carefully, you would notice that it is not quite accurate. Its branches are never grown in straight lines. The tree trunk is not a one piece metal pile cut from steel. Every year the tree has to endure tough weather changes and all the suffering it took shows on its bark.

A good trader is like a grown up tree who can withstand tough environment and survive.
Talent may be born with, just like a tree coming from a strong species. But that only gives one a better head start.
What really shapes a trader is the path that the trader must walk through before maturing into someone who can accept themselves as a trader and survive being one. Mental toughness does not stick with a person after just one day or one month of fighting an adverse scenario. Being able to beat the market in a changing environment may come from one awakening after reading a book, talking to a mentor, or just an idea that hits the trader like a lightening strike, but that seed in the mind still takes time to grow into a mature state so that the instinct or knowledge acquired becomes second nature (or part of the person’s character).
Do yourself a favour – Embrace the journey.
Accept the fact that it may not be a man-made road that goes straight and smooth. Expect the ride to be a bumpy one and keep yourself upbeat even if the situation looks grim. Enjoy winning your tough battles but remember that pride comes before the fall. Learn from the mistakes and move on.

All the marks left on you from your daily battle in trading will toughen you up and make you stronger as a better trader.
Be proud of who you are.

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