Paul Tudor Jones II: Why We Need To Rethink Capitalism

Paul Tudor Jones presents his solution to avoid the collapse of our civilization.


I have talked about this issue of corporation before but this is not the main reason for which the mess that the world economy has got into. The main reason is that all governments choose to grab more power and money over time. Since bad mouth governments nowadays will easily lead to very dangerous consequence, Mr. Jones obviously is avoiding the topic and focus on what can be done.

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  1. Success and power, influence and respect in western societies are typically achieved through sociopathic behaviours. Recruits to the ‘best’ organizations are often assessed for their competitive, narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies and the’best’ of them rise to the top (eg. Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, George Bush, Stephen Harper). Prior empires have undergone similar concentrations/disparities of power in their most robust periods, as well. Perhaps it’s a natural pattern.

    With respect to P.T. Jones I doubt that a charity will have any effect at all. Perhaps he’s nostalgic for the good old days and this effort will make him feel like he’s doing something, so it’s nice of him to try. When guys like him (with similar resources) start funding the alternative solutions that he mentioned, perhaps then we can expect to see signs of change, but charitable efforts like this probably serve to perpetuate the status quo because they address symptoms, not the structural policy flaws (in my cynical opinion).

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