Peter Guber and Tony Robbins: The Stories We Tell

In many cases, traders I have worked with have this back story issue that blocked them from achieving a higher level of performance. Sometimes these back stories in their minds cause self-sabotage. Sometimes they cause the traders to keep changing their minds from focusing on what matters. By helping these traders understanding themselves better from their trading patterns and personal behaviours, it is possible to guide them to rewrite their stories into ones helping them to trading success.

2 Replies to “Peter Guber and Tony Robbins: The Stories We Tell”

  1. Its a good video and like so many traders, I’ve journeyed down the rabbit hole of introspection. I’ll just add that when you are the one trying to figure out your own stories, it is extremely hard to pick up on them and decode. The stories are experts at camouflage and justification for their existence.

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    1. That’s exactly the issue. If we know exactly who we are – our strengths and weaknesses, everyone will be able to achieve reasonable success in the things they pursuit.

      It is much easier to do it with a mentor, a respected family member or even a close friend you look up to. By having long discussions with them, open up yourself to them, you will get the feedback you need.

      It works because we traders often keep everything to ourselves. So the change of speaking out with others can trigger our minds to be more willing to adapt to other changes.

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