Razer DeathAdder 3500 PC Gaming Mouse – Black Edition


DeathAdder is the best programmable mouse for day traders who have to manage their orders actively during the day. It strikes the right balance of functionality, ease of use and price point comparing to other programmable mouses. Highly recommended.

Product Information

Razer DeathAdder 3500 PC Gaming Mouse – Black Edition
Made by Razer
Price range from $40 to $60 depending on which store you buy from
There are other models with different colors and designs, all programmable similar to this model


Ease of Use


Day traders often use their computer mouse extensively to control their order placements on various trading platforms. One of the most used order placement tools is the price ladder or DOM on these platforms. You cannot beat the speed of having all the price levels displayed visually, allowing the trader to just point and click to have the orders placed. It all sounds perfect but there is a catch – the mouse has to be perfect for the job or it is going to cost you one day.

One well known problem faced by many traders is the need of middle button to place stop orders on NinjaTrader.

The other one is the need to use control key or the shift key in combination of mouse click on XTrader and other platforms to place stop and stop-limit orders.

Majority of the mouse we have nowadays have this middle button integrated with the scroll wheel. Sounds like smart design until it is involving mission critical applications like an order placement platform. The moment you press the scroll wheel button can easily trigger a scroll at the same time. What it means is that an order is placed at the wrong price. Worst yet, you may never intended to place an order but using the scroll wheel runs the risk of triggering the middle click all the time.

The solution is to use a better mouse that you can easily program the proper functionality you want.

DeathAdder is such a mouse. It is designed for extreme gamers in the first place thus it is much more durable comparing to the cheap mouse that throw in as a bundle to your computers. It is also programmable with 2 extra side buttons allowing you to set it with combination of key and clicks the way you want it to. Best yet, you can even disable the click response so that using the scroll wheel will not lead to unwanted order placements.

There are other extreme gaming mouses in the market but they are way too complex in comparison to the DeathAdder. As a programmable mouse, it strikes the right balance for traders with enough features and not over the top complexity in setups. The more complex programmable mouses are often priced in the hundred dollar range which is the other reason why DeathAdder is a better choice economically speaking.

I highly recommend DeathAdder to all day traders.

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