Trading: How Transformative Learning Drives Expertises by Deirdre Lynch



An educational course on transformative learning for traders with solid framework. Useful for trading newcomers to enforce a structure into their minds so that they can properly criticize themselves and evaluate their strength and weaknesses more objectively. Recommended for beginners who have trouble in self evaluation and planning on areas for improvement.

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Trading: How Transformative Learning Drives Expertises
Created by Deirdre Lynch




First, you have to understand that this course is not about trading technique. This course is about teaching you a framework so that you know how to think like an instructor or a coach to improve your trading skills. It also provide the trader a way to focus on issues that matter most so that you can improve yourself at a faster pace.

I often talk about the importance of critical thinking and the necessity to reflect on our trading performance but I am not an educator myself thus my take on the concept is limited to my own experience. Ms. Lynch’s approach is much more comprehensive and the framwork allows the traders to apply the technique onto themselves. It is much better than having the cliche type of recommendations I received from the more experienced traders in the old days when I was dealing with my own trading issues.

I find the first 3 sections are a bit dry because I already know the lingo and basics on how we learn. It is something I have walked thru hence they do not surprise me. The rest of the lectures are more interesting. They can be useful again and again as you encounter road blocks in your trading.

Right after I watch through some of the lectures, I find the material useful that I can relate to. I have received many emails from newcomers with their trading issues that are addressed directly in the course.

Many traders never have the experience in giving instructions/advice to others people on any subject. That translate to potential difficulties in their pursuit of trading excellence because transformative learning takes one self to think differently. This course bridges the gap. Once you learned the framework, the course itself becomes a reference you can refer to whenever you find yourself in need of guidance.

Recommended for all trading newcomers.

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