AOC 16 Inch USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor


A simple, functional portable LCD screen for your laptop and other need. USB powered with the ability to show in both landscape and portrait mode. Performance depends on the laptop processing power.

Product Information

AOC 16 Inch USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor
Made by AOC

Resolution 1366×768
Weight 2.3 pounds
Dimension 17.3 x 17.3 x 3.9 inches


Ease of Use


For some reason I keep getting questions related to trading computer products and accessories. Here is a review on one of the three LCD portable displays I have purchased over past few years.

This portable LCD display is bigger and noticably thicker comparing to the other two I bought. It is by no means heavy at all. It is like 2.5 pounds or so. At the time I purchased this item, it was one of the only two choices available and it was (and still is) the cheapest one.

If you are in a rush to use the screen, it works right out of the box without software installation. If you have a bit of extra time, install the proper driver and you get all the neat features like auto flip between landscape and portrait mode, etc.

The display itself is bright enough with power from laptop but not as bright as the other 2 displays I got.

Originally I used this display with my laptop which has a tiny screen in comparison. The goal was to allow me to show the XTrader DOM clearly on the 2nd screen vertically. My goal was accomplished and it worked great during my stay in a place with very restricted desk space for about a month. It has become my lucky order entry screen since.

Outside of using it as my order entry screen, it works great with a laptop for document editing. If you work with the tiny screen space on a laptop for prolong period of time, you know what I mean that a 2nd screen makes all the difference.

For movie playing, I must say that it is not the best choice. The way how the pixels are clearly separated from one and other makes it feel odd when you are viewing movie. I don’t know how to put it in a better way.

Right now it is my dedicated order entry screen for my desktop computer at home next to my 30″ monitor. The reason for not using a regular 2nd monitor is that this portable display is so compact and light weight that I can velcro it onto the wall. It is very neat and easy to unplug when I have to take it with me.

It is also after I plugged it in to my desktop that I found out it works faster with a faster computer. Probably due to the fact that the driver depends on Windows a lot more than, say, a NVidia graphic card with low level direct driver.

Is it the best portable LCD display out there? No, because there is no best portable display so far. Maybe my standard is set a bit high but the truth is that there is no best tech products out there in general. Depending on what you need, one will be better fit over another one in different circumstances.

This portable LCD display is the cheapest one you can find from Amazon today. It is also priced down significantly comparing to what I paid couple of years ago. Good value for the price.

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