Toshiba 14-inch USB Ultra-portable Mobile LCD Monitor


A compact portable LCD display that works very well with newer laptops. With its extra stand and protective cover, it is heavier than necessary. The small form factor make it a better choice for frequent travel.

Product Information

Toshiba 14-inch USB Ultra-portable Mobile LCD Monitor
Made by Toshiba

Resolution 1366×768
Weight 2.8 pounds
Dimension 15.2 x 2.3 x 12.8 inches


Ease of Use


It is my 2nd portable LCD display. I got mine from a Toshiba laptop dealer locally. I was sold at the spot when I saw how small it is in comparison to my first portable display. It was, well, not a very wise decision.

First, I tested the display on my old Toshiba convertable tablet notebook. I mainly use it for notes taking and drawing as it is very convenient to do so on a tablet. I thought it would work right out of the box. How wrong was I. The portable display did not work until I use the double USB port cable coming with the display to power it up. Lesson learned – some electronic items do suck up a lot of power.

When I connect the display to my newer laptop it works fine with one USB connection so it is obvious that older laptops with earlier USB port specs will not work well with this new display unless you are going to give it 2 USB ports.

Don’t get me wrong. It is a great product in terms of display quality and performance. It is noticably faster comparing to the AOC one. It works better with playing movies. I am just picky that my DOM feels smaller on this display … even though the resolution is the same. I guess I am spoiled by the display size of the AOC display.

Has all the features the AOC one has with a lot more (brightness control, etc.) to offer. The problem is that it is also a lot more expensive in comparison. So, if you can afford it and that you like smaller form factor because you travel frequently, I can see why you prefer this display over the AOC one.

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