Arthur Benjamin: Teach Statistics Before Calculus!

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of thinking in terms of probability and how useful it is for anyone in making any kind of decisions that involve trade-offs and risks.

In this TedTalk, Arthur Benjamin provides some very good reasons why it is better to teach everyone statistics over calculus.

Personally, I find that it is never too late to learn statistics and think in terms of probability. It is not just a very good tool in making trading decisions. It is also a life skill that can transform your life and put you in better perspective of things happening around you and on you.

When I get the chance I will write about these interesting stories with the people I encountered whom I showed them how to think probabilistically. It is a life transforming experience for them. I learned a lot from sharing my thoughts with them too. It is something I always remember as it shows that a slight change of perspective in an individual can make all the difference.


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