Naomi Klein: Addicted To Risk

This TedTalk by Maomi Klein was filmed back in December 2010. It focuses on the major events at the time like BP oil spill and the worldwide financial crisis. It is a talk longer than the other ones at about 20 minutes.

The perspective of this talk is very interesting as Ms. Klein asked some very interesting questions on how we get ourselves into these mess again and again. This lack of consideration of the potential consequence and the unwillingness to take action avoiding known disastrous outcomes have been the recurring reasons leading to all these problems. As a collective whole, humans have failed to stop one disaster after another because we gave a free pass to those at the top who are prone to reckless behaviour.

As a trader, however, you do have a choice to take action stopping yourself from engaging in reckless risk taking. It is not the aggressive stances you made in trading that keep you profitable. It is the voice of reason in your head that made you pull the plug on those very bad trades that save your behind.


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